“Life” Cycle of a Salesman

I always wanted to write this realising that I relate to this topic. We belong to this Sales Professional team who has seen an Era of paper & pen to Digital tablet & stylus. Jotting quick notes during any meeting with trembling hand so not to miss any important point. Date for the next meeting? Organised? Uh! Not that much.

Lunch box 🙂

Out of the office by 10 am as manager did not appreciate his team sitting at his desk or at any corner in the office. So I decided to shift my desk to the next-door Tea Stall 🙂 That Tea stall’s wooden plank, I still remember, appeared like a plush cabin of a General Manager. Reason was, I wanted to plan my day well and begin rather than rushing out aimlessly. Grab a quick “Wada Pav” (Our friendly sandwich), as the next meal was uncertain due to long travel and wait at the reception.

No Mobile Phones! Managing with a shared landline and that challenge to reach the customer over the phone to set his calendar right. My great buddy, my loyal Motor Bike! Small on engine power but big on Mileage. Yes that’s right…. likes of “Hamara Bajaj”, “Hero Mopeds”. Chal meri Luna! Get me that one deal right today and I will get your engine serviced before I buy a Leather wallet for myself!

That Paper & Pen Era has transformed today in a great digital way. Digital calendar, Organizers, Voice notes have taken the co-pilot seat along with standard paper and pen, preferably a “Montblanc” or a “Sheaffer” which selectively comes out only for that contract “sign-offs”. Mobile phones are handy to reschedule the meetings due to overlaps or traffic congestion. Today Starbucks or a Barista is replacing that Tea stall’s wooden plank. My loyal Motor Bike has got Four Wheels now, Engine has become more powerful and mileage not a concern 🙂 But the goal remains the same…. Get me that one deal right today!

Like any product life cycle we go through all phases and intend to keep modifying us like a good product in order to get that next peak of our lifecycle graph. I always wanted to write as I relate to this topic very much. I am sure some of you relate it too. Being nostalgic!

Thanks to all such buddies who help silently and unknowingly to achieve those high peaks in a salesman’s life cycle!!

Have a good Sales day ahead!

#sales #readytochange

Published by Aftab

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