Happy that I am Working From Home!

Err No…Yep Kind of!
Love it!
I can manage both worlds
Goes with my type
I am made for it dude!

Working From Home these days. Suddenly this Scrivener is jotting this note. Few cool dudes call it Blogging πŸ™‚

There was a rich Arab king who purchased a pair of Beautiful Peregrine Falcon. Bluish-Gray with back tint, barred white under body and a black head. He also hires a trainer. King gets saddened as he learns that one of them is touching the sky while the other refuses to budge from the tree. After few months he recalls an old farmer who once came to such rescue. Next day both the falcons were touching sky. Upon asking, the farmer said it was easy “O King! I just cut off the branch which was restraining the beauty from flying”. 

Simple, if we don’t change, things changes around us forcing us to adapt to the change. 

So what is it all about that we are hearing? Is it good, bad, unpleasant, unheard of ? Home cooked food, low pollution, travel less / no travel, more meetings, better health management, conscious life style, staying close to family? Weird! Really! So much has changed around us. Huh! Poor us! 

Its more than 4 weeks that I have not touched my formal shoes (while I made them glossy yesterday itself). My, so called, exclusive set of wrist watches are receiving regular polish by me but have not ornamented my wrist once for many weeks. 

Except the Mobile phone and work Laptop, all my other gadgets- Speakers, Wireless buds, bluetooth call station, Mac thin, thick, mini, Tab, blah blah and not to forget those apple watches and their rich and poor cousins are also resting and having ball of time. After all its a lockdown for them too. 

Thats right! You are able to related where this is going to. We all have expanded our needs to things which once termed as luxury – Expensive Cars, Motor Bike, Mobile phones even expensive than Computers, and many more. You have better list to remember πŸ™‚ 
Then by all ourselves we started turning around this nomenclature of LUXURY to TODAY’S NEED. “Hey bro, these are my basic needs now ! Can’t travel by Cab, they stink, allergy, dust pollution”…Ummh. 

Now Aftab is sitting at home munching miles in those cars and bikes. LoL ! 

Fact is below:

  • Sudden change and so much of change around us (Good Ones too)
  • Started Virtual Everything (My son has less load on his bag / back)
  • Time reminded its Need for high adaptability
  • Survival – A new innovative way of doing business
  • Jobs scare – when wasn’t this existed ? Be relevant & you are good. 
  • My monthly bills have gone so low

There is nature’s way of hurting our Ego, so it hurts.  There is definitely a situation that we all are dealing with. That will pass through. Its not a Zombie Land where there is no tomorrow’s morning sun. 

Breathe, really do. Close your eyes and think. You are alive and around your loved ones. Its a better, cleaner morning than ever. 

Happy that I have more productive work time

Happy that I have more time to sharpen my axes

Happy that I am around my loved ones

Happy that I could once acquire those luxury of things.

Happy that I am hopeful to be up in my attire soon.

till then….

Happy that I am Working From Home!

Anecdote on a date with a coffee mug….by Aftab Syed

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Biker, Baker & Blender

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