An Antonym of Lay-off

I did a google search this morning “antonym of layoff” The first result that popped up was below

Interestingly I found more synonyms than antonyms. Looks like google search is obsessed with COVID, guessing what more is going to happen – “layoff” than hiring! This “word” isn’t pleasant to hear for sure. It grills us to the bone, sends that spine-chilling feeling and loneliness. Hard to describe but ask them who goes through this for the first time. There is no clear visibility of the horizon. Some turn to God, some go away in disbelief. Many choose to stay disconnected from society, friends, their professional network. Anxiety, those days, must have increased someone’s business of anxiolytic or even hypertension treatments bills must have seen a climb. 

Apologies! to start with a negative tone. And I must clarify, this article is certainly not to embarrass anyone who has accidentally been a part of the act of this “Word”. I am sure we all are performing our acts in the landscape of this theatre called “World”. Many who practice meditation believe to “acknowledge what’s happening around you but not to get associated with”. That’s why I chose to acknowledge this “Word”.

Not all phases of life are the same. All we need is, to acknowledge and accept if we must move even a step forward. Else “Samay-chakra will keep you like whirlwinds”. You must be thinking “one more Baba up for professional gyaan” 

I am just another you. I was refusing to believe when the first time this happened to me especially after being called out, in almost all of my organisations, as “Performer”. Didn’t know whether it was shock, disbelief or anger. But it was the same feeling my friend which some of you have experienced and many at this time are scared of. At the end of YOUR story, nothing bad that you must be hallucinating will happen. It’s only going to make you stronger and pathbreaking if you are able to control and give direction to your emotion whether that is shock, disbelief or anger. Trust me!

Few favourite quotes from my parents which helps to keep moving on.

My father used to say “Khudaa ne paida kiya hai to rizk (livelihood) ka intezaam bhi wahi karega” (When God chose to send you He would have arranged things for you) 

My Mom was singular in her phrase “Allah madad karne wala hai” (God is there to help and guide)

After a week of that so-called catastrophe, I sat at one corner of my house recollecting, reviewing in the rear mirror. There was nothing that I was not proud of. Few things that I gave away like my hobbies, holidays or family time due to the rat race, work-life imbalance did come up as Alas! And it was time to do all of these and much more.

I don’t read many books. I start feeling sleepy when there a book in my hand “Still have the memory of storybooks as sleeping pills during childhood” But I did read few. 

Courtesy What to say when you talk to yourself….Book by Shad Helmstetter

My interpretation is if we are human chain of language we learn from each others program. We have been programmed negatively right from the early days. Think when you heard these.

“Don’t go there you will fall!”

“If you don’t get this note signed from your parents you will not be allowed to attend class” & many more.

I am not being judgemental but just presenting the facts. Your success or failure, large or small, will depend upon the programming – what you accept from others. So my view of Glass half or full is up to you to decide when is the right time to fill the other half of the glass of your life. When will you get the best time out but now?

Days will pass and certainly, the next phase will arrive, one should then not regret wasting this wonderful time off that one got. 

Closing my note with satisfaction if this has helped to direct anyone’s thought to the right path of his. Thanks to my network who are more like friends now who show others that ray of hope. Keep doing good work and stay connected.

#Anecdotefrommypast #Mimicmyown

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2 thoughts on “An Antonym of Lay-off

  1. Fantastic writeup Aftab…Very motivating during difficult times.Loads of people must be going thru’ tough phase however treating it just as a time to rejuvenate oneself is the best approach….Vivek

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