Lend me your Ears….Nokia

The beeping dots of emotion while playing game of “snake”. Matter of pride. King of Symbian. Generations of mobile phones. Brick size to colourful – small sparrow. A priceless possession when chimed into life…looked like world shrunk into a small screen, eagerly waiting to get those signal bars one by one. Ah! there you go.Continue reading “Lend me your Ears….Nokia”

Happy that I am Working From Home!

Working From Home these days. Suddenly this Scrivener is jotting this note. Few cool dudes call it Blogging 🙂 There was a rich Arab king who purchased a pair of Beautiful Peregrine Falcon. Bluish-Gray with back tint, barred white under body and a black head. He also hires a trainer. King gets saddened as he learns that one of themContinue reading “Happy that I am Working From Home!”